Who We Are

PALOMAR is an international network of independent but interconnected boutique PR agencies specialized in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, design, hospitality and food&beverage.
We aim to offer our clients best-in-class communication services all over the world.

Our Services

We offer bespoke strategic solutions including:

  • brand positioning
  • media relations and advertising consultancy
  • integrated digital communication and influencer marketing strategy
  • special projects and events
  • showroom and sample management

Networking, seeding, product placement, influencer activations and curated events form the basis of our strategic offering, creating unique experiences and cultural moments, and nurturing genuine connections and media relations at global level.

With PALOMAR, our clients can activate projects in key countries through trusted and reliable partners who guarantee the same curation and attention.

Our collective international network of editors, talent and industry leaders, can be tapped into on a case-by-case basis for each project.

We are an incubator for new ideas, a catalyst for trends, and a local facilitator with an international mindset and vision.

Where We Are

A strong global presence, combined with a continually evolving network, provides the opportunity to explore various market perspectives and develop tailored approaches to meet our clients' specific needs.

São Paulo


We believe in people.
But even more, we believe in the connection between people.

A connection that creates something beautiful: the strength of unity.

Palomar is the name of a seafaring knot, a bond, a tie that binds.
It’s the most resilient connection.
Palomar is a strong bond between anyone who shares a vision.

A vision that holds local and global together, capable of combining the precious and irreplaceable local know-how of the territory with the breadth and service of an international network.

A network of independent agencies united by a common goal and values.

With the confidence of knowing a simple fact: that together we are stronger.


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