Madrid, SPAIN

INHOUSE Smart Communication is a public relations and communication agency based in Madrid, and specialized in beauty, fashion and lifestyle projects with an international approach. The agency was born in 2012 fueled by professionals passionate about the Art, Power, and Emotion of Communication.

We envision bringing a dash of Common Sense infused with Emotional Content and Dynamic Experiences to our brands. We firmly believe that communication is the Art of seduction through emotionally resonant experiences.

Main Areas of Expertise:

  • PR & Communication Strategies
  • Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Ads
  • Social PR, Talents & Influencers Management
  • Events Management & Production
  • Showroom
  • Social Media & Community Management

Embark on an engaging journey with us, where every strategy, event, and collaboration conveys a genuine narrative. Welcome to INHOUSE, where communication goes beyond it speaks to the heart of your story with passion, creativity, and genuine emotion.

Founder: Álvaro Rincón