London, UK

A London-based collective of industry experts with decades of combined experience, having executed some of the most impactful campaigns of the last 20 years and built some of the strongest brands and creative careers in the business. Built from a breadth of complementary skill sets and valuable insights, they provide strategic counsel and collaboration to help create, activate and amplify brand, talent and content opportunities. Powered by a close network of strategic relationships and contributors, they provide bespoke, curated services — shaping, realising and reinforcing brand narratives and cultural moments.

Main Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategy & Development
  • Image & Creative Direction
  • Talent Procurement & Management
  • Designer Placement & Partnerships
  • Cultural Programming & Content
  • PR & Communications
  • Special Project & Events

Founders: Antonia Thompson Weisman, Sarah Croll, Holly Scott Lidgett, Chenelle Croll

The Floorx Founders