Milan, Italy

Pilot Room is a public relations consultancy agency specializing in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and design sectors. Leveraging our international network, we offer customized strategies for each brand, encompassing networking, seeding, product placement, and influencer projects. We excel in developing and implementing integrated PR strategies, which optimize brand positioning and business objectives through targeted interventions and bespoke communication plans for different brand domains. Our goal is to provide customers with expertise, creativity, technological prowess and pronounced social skills. These elements, combined with a propensity for digital strategies, new media, and the creation of integrated and marketing-oriented activities, enable us to navigate the communication landscape seamlessly.
Pilot Room is part of the FSB Group, an independent network of communication agencies that add value by offering 360° integrated communication across all online and offline channels.

Main Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic PR & Communication Consultancy
  • Product Press Office,
  • Influencer & Talent Marketing,
  • Showroom & Sample Management,
  • Event Management & Social PR.

Founders: Gianluca Reina, Filippo Richeri, Chiara Fornari, Virginia Galateri, Enrico Fasoli, Andrea Reina

Pilot Room - FSB